Youth Group
The Wild Wind Stables Youth Group is for riders of all ages that wish to increase their knowledge about horses and meet other riders within the barn that share their love for horses. Meetings will be held at least once a month and there will be a $5.00 fee/per meeting. Meetings will focus on general horse knowledge through various activities. Members will also have the opportunity to participate in Youth Contests held at State and Regional Morgan shows (primarily held in Massachusetts). During these contests, participants are required to take a general knowledge test, give a speech about an assigned topic, judge a class at a horse show, and ride a pattern.        

Equitation Team
Riders that wish to participate in Youth Contests and horse shows are strongly encouraged to join the Equitation Team, however, you do not need to participate in either to be part of the team. The Equitation Team gives riders the ability to get extra time in the saddle and ride in a group lesson. Riders will practice patterns typically given to youth contest contestants. In order to participate, riders must be involved with weekly lessons. Equitation Team lessons will be scheduled by rider ability at least once a month, and twice during the summer months. Team lessons are $35.00 for an hour. Riders will enjoy extra saddle time and extra time to hang out with their two and four legged friends.      

Riding and horsemanship camps are held throughout the year. Camps feature a wide variety of horse related activities and crafts. Riding camps include a daily lesson, while horsemanship camps feature on the ground activities.

The farm is also capable of accommodating girl scout groups trying to obtain badges. These camps are scheduled on an as needed basis and activities can be picked based on each specific group and badges fufill needs.